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Quick check of difference in means using pooled standard errors
Not the most rigorous algorithm to obtain pooled standard erors, but ..
where A1 and A2 are Excel cells that contain two standard errors.
Z will be:
Difference in means / pooled standard errors
Probability will be:
where O4 here should reference to the Excel cell that contains Z.

Showing significant levels with *s based on z-value (2-tail test)
=IF(ABS($A1)>=3.29,"***",IF(ABS(A1)>=2.57,"**", IF(ABS(A1)>=1.96, "*", IF(ABS(A1)>=1.645,"~", IF(ABS(A1)<1.645," ")))))

~ p <.10  * p <.05         ** p <.01        *** p <.001


Showing significant levels with *s based on P-value (1 tail or 2 tail does not matter)




Effect Size Calculation (Jump to Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring)


I used their Excel sheet to get a pooled standard deviation.  I modified their table to show you how it can be done.  CLICK HERE for the actual excel sheet.

Group A Group B pooled standard deviation
mean n SD mean n SD  
1.6 54 0.72 1.6 56 0.66  =SQRT((C3^2*(B3-1)+F3^2*(E3-1))/(B3+E3-2))
Useful Excel Functions
Figuring out results of logistic regression in percentages
To go from percentages to logit (A32 is a hypothetical Excel cell):
To go from logit to percentage:
Count the occurance of certain values
=countif(b1:b5, "kaz")

How to sort data in Excel by the ending characters:

How to add two Excel text-columns together =concatenate(A1, B1)

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