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General Introduction to SAS

For people who are just starting to learn:
I collect my SAS samples for demonstrating basic procedures, as well as some programs that are driven by some specific analytical strategies.
X-command in SAS
This is a great source for your productivity.  X-command in SAS allows you to get out of SAS environment and use DOS-PROMPT.  You use X command to do anything you can in DOS environment, such as copying files or running other softwares.
  • My SAS program samples To give you an idea of what SAS can do.  A bit too complicated to use as a learning sample.  Also I programmed these a while ago, so it doesn't benefit from recent advancement in SAS.
For people who are in my SAS workshop right at this moment. (I used to teach workshops.)
1. Activate SAS by going to START and look for SAS
2. To get data for my instruction

Some Statistical Models

PROC IML allows you to program using matrices.

Getting work done
How to create Graphs  I use SAS DDE (dynamic data exchange) to populate an excel sheet and use Excel interactively to do the graphing. 
How to create Customized Reports to many places, using SAS DDE, MS-Excel, and MS-WORD.  The template is a word document and SAS lets it populated with texts, statistics, and graphs.
My Favorite way of creating a report using SAS
How to create a MS-Word document with TOC (Table of contents)--with SAS generated statistics in it.
HOW to force Excel graphs to look professional
Not really about SAS, but I gave up on SAS graphs, so I needed to learn Excel graphs.  I gave up on SAS graphs because they are too difficult.

And after you make Excel graphics nice and professional looking...

USE Adobe-ILLUTRATOR to do the final editing.  It is great because:

  • Unlike photoshop, Illustrator will take the excel graphic data as manupulatable data.
  • It allows you to put more than one Excel graphics (Note Excel can do only one graph at a time).
  • It allows you to adjust the resolution.
  • It seems that the graphics will look even more professional looking when an excel graphic is copied into an Illustrator file.

Under Construction

The rest of stuff

Do OLS regression and make tables automatically
Kaz RegAssist
This program allows you to run many OLS regression models and automatically create excel table.  Yes, you heard me right, you will be forever releaved from having to type in statistics manually into an Excel sheet.
Here is a version that you can run in your SAS just to try out what it gets you.
A program for a try.  Run this in your SAS.  Also this program creates an excel table in your MYDOCUMENT folder.
Here is a version for a practical application, a Macro program and a sample of a SAS program you need to write on your own.

If you are a SAS programmer and want to figure out how you can write such a program, here is a simplied version of the program.

This program works like a SAS macro program.
Data Extraction Program for TIMSS, NELS, and LSAY
TIMSS, NELS, and LSAY are all education data and they do come with electric codebooks, but I don't like softwares that require clicks and drops.  This may sound counterintuitive, but if you are a programmar you know it is easier to write syntax rather than click.  Using SAS I wrote data extraction program for these data sets.

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