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Rasch model is one of the psychometric models.  It helps us create measures.  The most famous application of Rasch model can be found in large education data sets, such as TIMSS and NELS, in the forms of student academic achievement scores.  Rasch model can also create attitudinal scales, such as student engagement level or liking of math.  We all need to be aware that Rasch model can get us good scales only when we design test items and surveys carefully.
My way of Understanding Rasch Model
Click this photo to visit his winstep website


Eric Van Lente, University of Chicago

George Karabatsos, University of Illinois at Chicago

Kazuaki Uekawa, American Institutes of Research

WINSTEPS MANUAL at Linacre's website
Rasch model analysis using Winsteps.  I just put my routine programs to do Rasch model, so I don't have to look for them everytime I need to do it.
(2) Let SAS control Winsteps from within SAS (using X command in SAS to run Winstep)
  • Use Mplus to replicate some models and compare model to evaluate model fit, etc.  (Currently I am learning it slowly.)

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