Paid t-test result is the same as proc means t-test for the change score

Paired T-test returns the same results as the simple t-test.  Compare the results of PROC TTEST and PROC MEANS below.  The statistical test results are identical.

data exercise;
input Subject_ID $ Pretest Posttest Treatment $;
A 11 24 T
B 22 26 C
C 32 25 T
D 22 44 C
E 25 45 T
F 36 24 C
G 33 25 T

data exercise2;
set exercise;

paired pretest*Posttest;

proc means data=exercise2 mean std min max n stderr prt;
var change;run;

Typing up words and expressions from the video done in French

French typing website -> here.

abbone toi=subscribe yourself

Pour le gen qui …  =for people who ..

peut être =maybe

Je suis parti on france

ça fair un an et demi que … je suis .. au japon

(another variation: Ça fait longtemps que …)

décember dernier = last december

un an et demi = one year and half

pour noël = for Chrismas

aussi = also

éloigné (ELOWANYE) =distant

on est obligé en fait de s’integrer …=we have to actually integrate …

on est obligé de prendre des habitudes que sont complètement … = we have to take habits that are completely


Miscellaneous from other videos and materials:

par skype = by skype

Cher ~  = Dear ~


sentir (feel)

deranger (disturb)


tous les jours = everyday

toute la journée = all day






French words


environ <price> = about <price>  e.g., about five dollars

coût =cost

En tant que professeur d'anglais = as an English teacher

la chaîne youtube = youtube chennel

at la fac =at the university

e.g., J'apprend le Japonais à la fac.

encore= again

Les bases militaires = military base


Je trouve que ... = I think that ...

nos =our

pour ta santé physique =for your physical health


SELECT school_name, count(student_school_id) AS n_of_student
FROM tbl_student
GROUP BY school_name;

SELECT school_name, count(student_school_id) AS n_of_student, avg(selected_response_score) as mean_score, STDEV(selected_response_score) as SD
FROM tbl_student
GROUP BY school_name;