Craigslist scammer

The first message comes from Craigslist and it asks you to email to an gmail address.

Here you wonder why they want an email because Craigslist already has a messaging system.

Then you will get a reply from a totally different gmail address whose profile picture is that of a young woman.  Here you go:


Thank you so much for your response, I've been working really long
weeks at work so I won't be able to meet with you before purchase, but
am ok with the price and condition as shown on
the advert, I'll proceed in issuing a Certified Check/ Cashier Check
to you and when you receive the payment and it clears, I will make=
arrangement for pickup. So get back to me with below details asap.

Full name :
Physical Address (Only,not po box):
City, State, Zip:
Your cell Phone Number:
Deal Price:

As soon as this is provided, payment will be overnight to you through
FEDEX next day delivery and I will let you know then tracking number
of the package. I will also add an additional $50 for
keeping other buyers off till my check gets to you, also please delete
the posting or mark as sold.

Thanks and I hope we handle this in good faith while waiting to
hearing from you.

G*power for logistic regression

References: (For both, see the section for logistic regression.  The second one is very clear about options available.


MySQL error

I kept getting an error message from this:

$query = "SELECT * FROM 'questions' WHERE question_number= $number";

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ''questions' WHERE question_number= 1' at line 116

I removed 's from the statement and it started working without an error message.

$query = "SELECT * FROM questions WHERE question_number= $number";

php & MySQL practice (it worked!)



<title>Insert Form Data In MySQL Database UsingPHP </title>

<form action="insert.php" method="post">

Name : <input type="text" name="username">
Email: <input type="text" name="email">
<input type="submit" value="Insert">





$con = mysqli_connect('localhost','root','');

echo "Not connected to server";

echo 'Database Not Selected';

$Name = $_POST['username'];
$Email= $_POST['email'];

$sql="INSERT INTO person (Name,Email) VALUES ('$Name','$Email')";

if (!mysqli_query($con,$sql))
echo 'Not inserted';
echo 'Inserted';
header("refresh:2; url=index.php");