Quick start.

1. Install Wampserver on the windows machine (sorry I don't recall the exact location from you which you can download the file safely).
2. Confirm that it created the following folder:

3. Write a script index.php in that folder (Example of the simplest php code --> HERE.

4. Start the wamp and start "all services."  Hope you can figure this out.  If off, the following doesn't produce results.

4. Open the file by using the web browser and using the path:


I have to put this exact path in the browser.  If I try to open the file directly by the webbrower, the result won't show correctly (I wasted a lot of time trying to do it this way).  I found the correct way by looking at the website (thanks!):




For my practice:



Other things

Adding numbers

$x  += 10;

$x  += 10;

$x  += 10;



&&     both conditions must meet

||  one condition must meet