MySQL database character set and collation

The default character set is latin1_swedish_ci .  I will use utf8_general_ci instead since it seems to be the most up-to-date character set and the article I found (see reference) suggests we do.  However, I have never encountered an issue just using latin1_swedish_ci for Japanese materials.  My questions are:

  1. Can I change it back to other options later?
  2. What does "ci" mean?
  3. There are many types of utf8 in the option.  Is utf8_general_ci really the good option?



MySQL commands

Drop tables.

DROP TABLE `wp_commentmeta`, `wp_comments`, `wp_links`, `wp_options`, `wp_postmeta`, `wp_posts`, `wp_terms`, `wp_term_relationships`, `wp_term_taxonomy`, `wp_usermeta`, `wp_users`;



Not seeing a MySQL table I just created

I created a new blank MySQL database.  I couldn't see it when accessing it via. phpMyAdmin.   I only saw two old MySQL databases.

It turns out that the new one was associated with a different user name.   I had to log out of the screen first by clicking on one of the icons on the left-upper side of the phpMyAdmin window.   After the log-out, I logged in with the right user name and the password, when I was able to see all MySQL databases I needed to see.

Each phpMyAdmin session is specific to each of the users I created.