Marketing processes

  • Creating awareness of brand
  • Building contact list
  • Nurturing contacts
  • Converting contacts into members
  • Retaining audience and upselling/cross-selling


How to switch from Verizon to Google Fi when your phone is dead

My essential PH-1 phone died on me, and my service provider was Verizon. My wife was the primary account holder. These are the steps I took to switch from Verizon to Google Fi.

  1. I bought a Google phone (Pixel 4) on Amazon (unlocked version) after confirming that Pixel 4 works with Google Fi. When I got it, I connected it with home wifi, went through all the questions, and provided info. 
  2. I joined Google Fi. (Please use my affiliate link)
  3. I got a transfer PIN from Verizon (I was worried if the PIN would remove me or affect my wife's line. It didn't.)
  4. I entered the transfer PIN on Google Fi's service page (and I put other information such as my phone number, etc.)

THIS IS WHERE I GOT STUCK. I got help from Google Fi's chat window.

  1. The new Google phone came with a needle to open the SIM slot. I used it to open the old phone's slot and took out the Verizon SIM card. I put it into the Google phone's SIM slot. My Google Fi immediately started working as a phone (under the VERIZON service).
  2. I went to Google Play and downloaded the Google Fi app. Initially, they tried to verify me by sending me a tap, but my new Google phone was not showing that. I chose the alternative method of their verifying me by sending me a simple text, which worked.
  3. After installing the Google Fi app, I answered some questions. The final message was, "The SIM card isn't working." The Google Fi support person told me to take out the Verizon SIM card and restart the phone.
  4. The phone started working. The support person thinks I don't have to do anything with Verizon because my number is not with them, and they will drop my service automatically. I will monitor my bill and the account, though, to see if this happens.

Again, this is my affiliate link. I get $20 off my phone bill. Thanks for using it when you sign up for Google Fi.


iTalki affiliate link

The main one.


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How to create a first online course on Kajabi

How to create a first online course

Kajabi is very intuitive.  You can start creating something quick and can further develop it into a complex system.  Let’s just start building your first online course.

Click on PRODUCTS (from the left side menu)

Click on New Product (The button at the right-upper side)

Choose Online Course (out of choices)





Sometimes I lose a connection to the share drive at work.  This is how I can fix it.

See below for mapping instructions
1.       Enter “This PC” in the search field, and right click on “This PC” and select Map network drive.
2.      Choose an available drive letter (?) from the dropdown list located next to the "Drive:" option.


Converting Excel files into SAS via. SAS vs. SPSS

I have SAS and SPSS on my PC and have a choice of using SAS or SPSS when converting an Excel file into a SAS dataset.  In terms of reading a date variable, SAS reads the data as is.  SPSS reads it and returns a different value.

This is the original date value for one case in the Excel file.


SAS PROC IMPORT returned the same date.


SPSS's IMPORT process (into a SAS dataset) returned this:


To force SPSS to correct the data, you need to subtract 21916 from the date (which converts the date of this case to be March 1st of 2016).

data spss;set raw.Assessment_spss;
keep DateTaken_74;
FORMAT DateTaken_74 date9. ;
DateTaken_74=DateTaken_74 -21916;


Here is the difference in terms of how they read column names.  I read the same Excel table using SAS and SPSS.

SAS PROC IMPORT uses __ (two spaces) when it finds a space in column names.  SPSS ignores spaces.

Variable Variable
Site_Name SiteName
Case_Number CaseNumber
Academic_issues__disabled__1066 Academicissuesdisabled_1066

Survival Analysis using SAS

libname yama "C:\Users\";

data asdf;
set yama.test_data;

proc lifetest data=asdf;
time OS_length*OS_event(0);
*strata shiken_gun;

proc lifetest data=asdf;
time OS_length*OS_event(0);
strata shiken_gun;

proc lifetest data=asdf;
time OS_length*OS_event(0);
strata PS;

proc phreg data=asdf;
class sex soshiki_gata shiken_gun;
model OS_length*OS_event(0)=shiken_gun sex soshiki_gata PS;

proc phreg data=asdf;
class sex soshiki_gata shiken_gun;
model OS_length*OS_event(0)=shiken_gun;