MS Access

Problem 01

On the form, I had an item whose response values are Yes, No, and Unclear, but the data saved/collected was only Yes and No.  The problem was that I connected the item with a wrong table that contained response values.  The steps I took to solve this:

a) I went to the tables that save data (x_table4 was the name in my application) and chose the design view.  I clicked on the data type of the bad item and choose lookup wizard.  This didn't work because the relationship was established already.

b) I went to the relationship cart by oging to Database Tools.  I removed the relationship between the two tables, the table that contained the actual response values and the table that collected the data (x_table4).  The wrong table containing response values was found, so I cut the link.

c) Now I went back to the design view of X_table 4.  I do the same as described in step a.  I go to the lookup wizard and connect the bad item with the table that contains the right choices.