Apple ID recovery

I have an old iphone that I want to use through  my home Wifi for skyping and zooming (  It is not connected at all to the phone network system.

The phone worked fine for a while for my limited purposes, but just this morning, it gave me a message "Activation Required" to which  I had to provide my apple ID and password. This happened after ignoring messages that were reminding me to enter a password to the apple account.

(My phone's start button is broken, so I couldn't restart it.)

I didn't remember my password.  The following is what I was told by the customer service representative.

Go to

Click on:

Forgot Apple ID or password?

Enter your Apple ID to get started.

You will be going through the pages where you are expected to  enter information regarding i-phone.   Most of these options require that you are an active i-phone user or you have an Apple device.  I don't, which is why I had to call Apple.   If you look close, there is an option (not highlighted by a big icon, so it's easy too miss) for people who don't use any  apple products.  Just find that  and follow instructions.  They will automatically text you a code to your current phone and you will be entering that to the website form.

The activation of a new password will be about 24 hours and this is where I am now.

To get a telephone support (like I did to get information), you will have to navigate from this page.  You enter your phone number and they will call you in two minutes.

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