Converting Excel files into SAS via. SAS vs. SPSS

I have SAS and SPSS on my PC and have a choice of using SAS or SPSS when converting an Excel file into a SAS dataset.  In terms of reading a date variable, SAS reads the data as is.  SPSS reads it and returns a different value.

This is the original date value for one case in the Excel file.


SAS PROC IMPORT returned the same date.


SPSS's IMPORT process (into a SAS dataset) returned this:


To force SPSS to correct the data, you need to subtract 21916 from the date (which converts the date of this case to be March 1st of 2016).

data spss;set raw.Assessment_spss;
keep DateTaken_74;
FORMAT DateTaken_74 date9. ;
DateTaken_74=DateTaken_74 -21916;


Here is the difference in terms of how they read column names.  I read the same Excel table using SAS and SPSS.

SAS PROC IMPORT uses __ (two spaces) when it finds a space in column names.  SPSS ignores spaces.

Variable Variable
Site_Name SiteName
Case_Number CaseNumber
Academic_issues__disabled__1066 Academicissuesdisabled_1066

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