Example: how to use ODS in PROC GLIMMIX or other procs

/*Use proc GLIMMIX to run an OLS regression
and saves results (parameter estiamtes) in a
data set named "john" using ODS*/
proc glimmix data=sashelp.class;
model height=weight /dist=normal link=identity solution;
ods output ParameterEstimates=john;
/*Edit the result data*/
data john2;set john;

/*Create a new variable that indicates
the level of significance*/

/*Do not forget to specify a value length*/
length asterisk $ 3;

if Probt < 0.10 then asterisk="~";
if Probt < 0.05 then asterisk="*";
if Probt < 0.01 then asterisk="**";
if Probt < 0.001 then asterisk="***";


/NOW FIND john2 in a work directory and right-click it
to open with Excel*/

/*You can also see this by PROC PRINT*/
proc print data=john2;

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