Selling a condominium unit in Virginia USA

Sequence of events

Buy new things (floor, carpet, AC, etc.), fix things (e.g., bathrooms), empty out the unit

Get a realtor

Saturday: Realtor comes to discuss details

Week 1

MAY 16 (Monday)

  • A photographer comes and takes pictures (free)
  • Get a resale document: I went to the website of the condo management company, fill in information, pay $350 (or so). It would be better to do this early, so you don't have to pay an expedite fee (of about $50).

MAY 17 (Tuesday)

  • Sign the contract with the realtor (commission and the price included) using DOCUSIGN

MAY 18 (Wednesday)

  • The condo management company emailed me and said he would visit us tomorrow to do the resale inspection.


  • The ad for the condo unit is up on the Internet since early morning.
  • The condo mangement company staff came to check if any improvements/changes we made are in violation of the rules. This took only five minutes.



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